Dr. Mirja Michalscheck

Mirja is an expert on environmental resources management: She holds a PhD in Farming Systems Analysis from Wageningen University & Research, an M.Sc. in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and a B.Sc. in Environmental Resources Management (ERM). She is an interdisciplinary scientist, mastering technical and agronomic studies as well as social science methods incl. surveys, serious gaming approaches and gender analysis. She has worked with specialized software such as ArcGIS, WEAP, MIKE-BASIN, FarmDESIGN and NDICEA. Mirja has been working as a consultant since 2012, delivering timely and high quality work for institutions such as the UN FAO SWALIM, the European Commission or the Asian Development Bank. She functioned as a project manager and/or provided technical contributions. She has worked in Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Egypt, Jordan, Chile and Guatemala. Besides her interest and commitment for sustainable natural resources management, Mirja also works as a coach and change manager, contributing to the sustainable development of personal resources.

Education: PhD, MSc