Aashutosh Aryal

Aashutosh Aryal is a water resource management specialist and hydraulic & hydrologic modeller/analyst with a civil engineering background, having 3 years of professional experience in his field of specialization. He holds an MSc in Euro Hydroinformatics & Water Management (Erasmus Mundus Scholar) and a BE in Civil Engineering with specialization in Hydropower. His specific interests and expertise lie in hydroinformatics, water resources management, climate change and hydropower development. Aashutosh has worked in several engineering projects related to water supply network design, hydrological modelling, 1D and 2D numerical modelling, groundwater modelling, flood modelling & forecast, flood risk assessment, flood hazard mapping, data analysis & interpretation, rainwater harvesting for groundwater recharge, and climate impact studies. In addition to that, he has some research experience from working at some of the international research institutions in the water, climate, and environment domains. Aashutosh also has relevant experience in river morphology, river renaturation and sediment transport modelling. He is familiar with various numerical modelling tools, GIS systems, and the R programming language.

Education: MSc