Dr. Devaraj de Condappa

Devaraj is a hydrologist with 12 years experience in the fields of hydrology, water resources planning and -allocation as well as related training and capacity building. He has strong IWRM modelling skills (SWAT, WEAP), GIS skills (ESRI, GRASS, QGIS) as well as context and scenario analysis skills. He has strong expertise in engaging with stakeholders and conducting field works. He has worked in water resource related projects such as investment planning in the Kabul and Panj-Amu basins (Afghanistan), groundwater situational analysis and recommendations in Rajasthan (India), agricultural water modelling in East India, glaciers and water management in the Ganges and Indus basin (India and Pakistan), water and food in the Volta basin (West Africa), soil hydrological processes in the Donga (Benin) and Maheswahram (India) watersheds. Devaraj has carried out several training assignments using WEAP. His country experience includes the riparian countries of the Volta basin, Eritrea, Mozambique, Lesotho, Afghanistan, India and Armenia. Devaraj has a particular interest is in water resources training and capacity building. He is an associate to the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Education: PhD, Dipl.-Ing.