HYDROC provides expert consultancy services in the field of Integrated Water Resources Management, Catchment Management and Hydrology, focusing on African, the Middle East and Asia with special expertise in Arid Regions (Wadi Hydrology), Wetlands and transboundary basins  both in technical aspects as well as with institutional support.

Integrated Water Resources Management

Integrated water resources and catchment management considering multi user aspects and the mitigation of potential conflicting interests in a watershed. Interdisciplinary approaches for sustainable management plans considering various sectors including irrigation, energy, flood protection, water demand and natural protection criteria.


Hydrological Modelling

Assessment of catchments and sub catchments. Consideration of climate change impacts and land use change scenarios. Development of decision support tools. Analyses based on public domain or high end software solutions. Risk assessments and optimisation of control strategies. Design of monitoring networks.

Water Resources Modelling

Scenario assessments, demand management, water allocation, prioritisation, optimisation, decision support and investment planning under IWRM aspects for sustainable resource utilisation by competing stakeholders. Conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater resources. Utilisation of WEAP as well as development of custom built tools, and web based DSS systems.


Analytical solutions for hydrological and hydraulic problems, development of applications and software for hydrological analysis, modelling, decision support, management and display, including custom built GIS analysis tools, water information systems, model setups, using custom tailored approaches including e.g. Python codes as well as different model applications. An example application for real time navigability determination is available at: https://basn.herokuapp.com

Water Allocation Planning

Water resources and water demand analysis including future projections forms the basis of water allocation planning which in an interactive process involving stakeholders and decisionmakers leads to optimised planning and water use considering optimisation and equitable and sustainable use aspects based on social, economic and political decisions. Analysis include the development and testing of various scenarios using water allocation modelling e.g. using WEAP software or other tools to facilitate decisionmaking. Related aspects include the legal base for water allocation, water licensing, water permitting and fee systems, monitoring, as well as institutional development and good governance.

Erosion & Sedimentation

Assessment and quantification of sediment entry pathways (agricultural/fluvial), estimation and measurement of erosion, sediment intrusion modelling.

Water Quality

Analysis and advise for water quality related problems and  ecology aspects including remediation and mitigation options for pollution problems. Holistic approaches in solving environmental problems.


Evaluation of aquatic habitats for assessing and optimising river utilization. Parameter functions are derived from biological databases and expert knowledge. In combination with hydrologic and hydraulic modelling results and data from remote sensing and mapping, GIS-based habitat assessments are carried out.

River Basin Management & Planning

Stakeholder consultations, transboundary supply-demand analysis, optimization and development of investment options including urban– and rural water supply, industry, irrigation and hydropower and ecological aspects.