Dr. Georg Petersen

Georg is a hydraulic engineer, water resources manager and hydrologist with 20 years experience in team leadership, management, technical advice and supervision of international donor and private sector funded water resources, hydraulic engineering and infrastructure projects. Areas of expertise include wadi and wetland systems, flooding, harbors and dams. Georg has long term experience in overseas projects including water resources management at the Amu-Darya Basin, wetland mapping in the Nile Basin, assessment of climate change impacts in arid regions, the Panama Canal Third Set of Locks hydraulic design, the Xiaolangdi Multipurpose Dam Project in China, Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Birecik Barrage in Turkey, Jade-Weser-Port construction in Germany, port planning projects in Russia and large scale infrastructure works in Sudan. He is leading research projects on the Nile hydrology, is a specialist on Nile studies and a visiting lecturer at the University of Kiel, Germany.

Education: Dipl.-Ing., MSc, PhD, CEng