Juan Fernandez

Juan Fernandez is a flood modelling and early warning specialist. During his more than 14 years of experience Juan has applied his hydraulic and hydrology skills in the disaster field, considering mainly river modelling, coastal studies and flood defence projects and always considering climate change. Juan has great experience in early warning projects, in the coastal and in the flooding field, noting his involvement in several research projects and in the implementation of early warning systems in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Spain. He was the Flood Expert for the development and specification of the Flood Service for all the Southern Africa (SADC) countries within the MESA-SADC-THEMA project.

Juan has been working as lead modeller in several flood studies and flood risk assessments for regional authorities and private developers. Juan has been the lead hydrologist for several studies too. Juan has also provide in-house training to a number of staff members in GIS, river modelling, 2D modelling and hydrology modelling. Juan is carrying capacity building initiatives in Georgia and Azerbaijan regarding hydraulic modelling and flood mitigation options, early warning systems and flood forecasting. Juan has participated in several research and development projects, both at Spanish and European levels. Juan has participated in several proposal writing for European and International projects.

Education: MSc, BSc