Sandra Willkommen

Sandra is a qualified environmental manager with specific backgrounds in geography and hydrology. For 3 years, she has been working in the fields of natural resource conservation and water resource management. Sandra has technical experience in setting up measuring campaigns for water quality studies i.e. nutrient and pesticide monitoring. She has know-how in project planning, hydrological modelling, statistical analysis and application of GIS tools. Her modelling experience covers 1-D water balance modelling from surface water bodies focusing on nutrient and pesticide transport processes with the open source environment R. The GIS experience includes data management, statistical analysis, mapping and visualisation with latest versions of QGIS and GRASS. Examples for her participation in international projects include the development of training material for integrated water resource management in Azerbaijan, delineation of land use management and climate change scenarios in Tajikistan, design flow calculations in Afghanistan, mapping and assessment of freshwater ecosystems in Nile Basin, GIS analysis for watershed suitability in Somalia and Malawi as well as water balance modelling in Georgia and Afghanistan. She is a scientific assistant at the University of Kiel, Germany.

Education: MSc, BSc