Astana Integrated Water Master Plan – Implementation Consultants

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The Astana City Akimat/Government (ACA) has been investing increasingly to its water infrastructure, including construction of flood dykes, wastewater treatment plants, and water supply networks. However, flood risks remain serious due to a bottle neck for flood flows in the lower section of the Ishim River and a rapid expansion of the urban center. The knowledge and support technical assistance (TA) supports the preparation of an Integrated Water Master Plan for Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan to ensure water security. The TA is producing three main outputs: (i) GIS-based data and information system on water management established; (ii) Astana integrated water master plan developed; and (iii) investment plans and/or projects assessed and prioritized.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

Information and data collection on flood damages; Assessment of flood risk including climate change impacts; Flood management and flood policy constraint assessment; Stocktaking and analysis of the structural and non-structural flood protection- and mitigation measures; Review of best international practices and assess of application in Astana; Analysis and development of improvement recommendations of flood emergency management system; Model simulation for Astana flood dike breaches; scenario assessment and recommendation development for structural and non-structural flood risks mitigation measures, including flood forecasting and warning system, flood emergency plan and preparation, integration of green and gray infrastructure in urban areas flood management; assess the potential and propose recommendations for runoff utilization; Developing a set of indicators and targets for integrated water management in Astana; Assess flood management investment needs to implement the water master plan; Rationalizing, streamlining, and prioritizing of investment projects for flood management.

Name of client: Asian Development Bank / Tractebel
Start date
Completion date (month/year):05/2021