Coarse Eflow Assessment in the Nile Basin

The project carries out a coarse environmental flow assessment in the entire Nile Basin based on existing data, applying the NBI environmental flow methodology that has been previously developed by HYDROC for the NBI under a GIZ funded project. The project includes a capacity building element and strong stakeholder involvement as well as the development of a repository of existing eflow studies in the Nile Basin. Results of the coarse eflows assessment are integrated in the Nile DSS.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

Works include coordination with the client, the development of a custom tailored approach to apply the NBI eflows methodology on a coarse level. For carrying out the assignment the basin has been split in characteristic subbasins for which environmental flows are assessed. Further works include the coordination with NBI Nile DSS for result integration as well as the development of the required eflows study repository.

Name of client: GIZ
Start date:
(month/year): 07/2017
Completion date: (month/year): 12/2019