Climate Change Adaption Modules for University Level Education

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The overall objective of the project is the development of curriculum for a climate module for various study programmes for universities in Somalia. The designed climate module shall be designed for inclusion in study programmes referring to environmental and natural resource management, public planning and administration and agriculture. The climate module will encompass sub-modules dealing with climate and ecosystem related topics such as: Basics of climate change, ecosystem based adaption, sectoral impacts of climate change, integrated land and water management principles, international best practices on climate adaptation. The overall goal is to enhance capacities at the universities in in-depth climate understanding to develop adaption strategies to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and exposed population in Somalia.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
Development of Climate Change University Curriculum through intensive stakeholder interaction, understanding current teaching activities at various universities in Somaliland, Puntland and South Central Somalia, development of a Gaps & Opportunities Report as well as the development of detailed curriculum including teaching materials. The curriculum development was followed by each one week of training for university staff in Mogadishu, Garowe and Hargeisa.

Name of client: UNDP
Start date
(month/year): 10/2015
Completion date (month/year): 05/2016