Assessment of Suitable Flood Mitigation Measures in Tbilisi, Georgia

The main objective of this consultancy is to improve the flood risk management in the Tsavkisiskhevi River basin. This will be accomplished through the implementation of a modelling framework, the inclusion of climate change impacts, the definition of flood maps and the designation of flood mitigation and adaptation measures. Capacity building and technological transfer activities will be undertaken too, and will be at the core of the project.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

The specific objectives for this assistance are as follows:

  • In short term, the results of assistance will enable appropriate contingency planning for extreme flood events, based on actual flood hazard maps,
  • In close future, measures for extreme flood adaptation could be planned in detail and put in place,
  • In long term, proper spatial and land development planning, based on flooding maps, should mitigate flood risk,
  • Transferred technology (modelling software) and modelling technique skills of trained personnel will enable effective management of flood risk and modelling of various flood scenarios and land development scenarios in future, building local capacity to respond and readiness for flood events.

The expected outcomes from this assistance are as follows:

  • Knowledge of flood regime of the pilot river catchment, including climate change impact,
  • Identification of existing structures (culverts, bridges) with insufficient hydraulic performance,
  • Flood hazard maps,
  • Transferred technology of flood modelling and mapping software tools,
  • Trained NMHS of NEA professional staff.

Name of client: Climate Technology Centre and Network
Start date
(month/year): 08/2017
Completion date (month/year): 08/2018