Governing For Growth (G4G)

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The USAID-funded Governing for Growth (G4G) in Georgia aims at supporting the Georgian Government with initiation and implementation of fundamental changes in Georgia’s water resource management. The project will support the Government of Georgia (GoG) activities at the national and regional government levels on water resource allocation plan development and implementation. The purpose of the assignment is to provide assistance in effective water resource management and strengthening human and institutional capacity in developing and implementing water resource management and allocation plans at the local/regional level.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
Specific tasks include the support capacity building of key stakeholders on water resource management, substantive technical lead and support to the process of development guidance documents as well as perform training courses on water allocation planning at basin level, water resources management plan development, decision-making framework for water resources allocation and management processes, water allocation and sector policies coordination, water allocation rules and procedures, tools and methods for water allocation and the implementation of water allocation procedures and plans. Further activities include to support the implementation of water resource management plans, capacity building activities for counterparts that highlight best international practices on water resource allocation plans, the provision of guidance for drafting policy and implementing road map (white paper) for successful planning and implementation of water resource management in Georgia. Further, to provide comments on draft laws and regulations proposed by GoG or other stakeholders and to lead working groups’ sessions and other meetings with GoG officials and stakeholders.

Name of client: Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Start date
(month/year): 11/2016
Completion date (month/year): 05/2017