Improved Management of Extreme Events through Ecosystem-based Adaption in Watersheds (ECOSWat)

An increased frequency for extreme weather situations due to climate change has been predicted for Thailand. For mitigating the risks and damages, ecosystem-based approaches do not play much of a role in water resource management practices yet. Within the scope of ECOSWat three pilot areas have been selected and are being evaluated regarding state of knowledge and adaptation potential. Within this scope, meteorological time series are the most important data source for investigating climate change impacts on hydrology. Data from Global Circulation Models (GCMs) are too coarse for being directly used in regional hydrological modelling. Thus, relevant time series have to be downscaled from GCMs for being usable in the ECOSWat project.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
Hydro-meteorological data collection, supervision of data analysis with state of the art GIS software products and tailored Python, R and SQL scripts, statistical climate downscaling for three meso-scale river basins in Thailand, data presentation and result analysis regarding impact potential and mitigation options.

Name of client: GIZ
Start date
(month/year): 11/2014
Completion date (month/year): 02/2015