Responding to Climate Change in Mozambique, Phase III – Cahora Bassa Hydropower Scheduling

Water resources of the Zambezi River are being increasingly utilised, resulting in the necessity to assess how to best utilise the water resources considering competing stakeholder needs. The objective of the project is to assess the ability of Cahora Bassa reservoir to meet its power production goals (including the trade-off between hydropower and biofuels) by assessing changes in potential hydropower generation and risk given increasing climate variability and climate-induced flow reduction, assessing the impact of modifying reservoir operating rules either in isolation or in conjunction with other national reservoirs, assessing potential gains from trading off hydropower for biofuel production and assessing new water requirements to meet new biofuel and agriculture production needs.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
Data collection, scenario development utilising the Zambezi DSS developed under Phase II and modelling of different climate, water availability and operation options. Development of recommendations.

Name of client: INGC
Start date (month/year): 08/2012
Completion date (month/year): 01/2013