Integrating Climate Risks into Water and Flood Management by Vulnerable Mountain Communities in the Greater Caucasus Region – Phase 3

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The project aims to reduce vulnerability of the mountain communities of the Greater Caucasus region of Azerbaijan to climate change induced water stress and flood hazards by improved water and flood management through addressing the management framework at the legislative and policy level, strengthening institutional capacity by introducing new non- structural methods and providing training and empowering communities to actively participate in water and flood management.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
Provision of custom tailored WEAP training in water resources modelling. Development of custom training manuals and -materials, training datasets and training cases. development of two WEAP models in pilot areas in the lower Caucasus area, considering catchment hydrology, surface runoff and groundwater aspects as well as various water users under different climate scenarios. Water allocation modelling, Training for development of WEAP model for dam operation analysis for Mingechivir Reservoir.

Name of client: UNDP
Start date (month/year): 07/2015
Completion date (month/year): 12/2015