RIMAX Guide – Risk Management In Extreme Flood Events

Development of a UNESCO risk management guide for extreme flood events including adaptation strategies for developing countries. The guide explains research projects conducted under RIMAX and shows adaptation strategies to use the research results in the context of the developing world and climate change. The guide includes the topics of hydro-meteorological forecast and warning, preparedness of flood defences, flood disaster management and flood damage assessments including social impact. Large scale basin wide approaches are described as well as problems in small scale catchments and flash flooding in urban areas with the required radar based monitoring systems. It tackles the event chain starting from forecasting and modelling, real time monitoring, operational asset control operations, decision support, flood warnings and flood mitigation, considering climate change aspects.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
Works include a thorough review of the different RIMAX projects, selection of suitable example projects, evaluation of these and the development of adaptation options to make the risk management suitable for the affected population.

Name of client: GFZ Potsdam
Start date (month/year): 02/2008
Completion date (month/year): 11/2008