Sustainable Water Resource Management

Sustainable management of this critical resource requires an understanding of the nature and scope of the problems to be managed in general and to acquire useful information which enables the stakeholders to identify and assess existing and potential future water resource problems and solutions unique to the catchment or sub catchment basin in question. Basin monitoring and reporting are essential for understanding the hydrological, geographical and biological characteristics of a river basin, quantifying the availability of water resources, assessing their uses across different actors and identifying the various pressures the resources are facing, ultimately providing the basis for sound decision-making in river basin management. The data and information required for managing a basin and its resources along societal and economic preferences and in light of available resources that need to be managed sustainably for present and future generations requires basic analytical skills to derive meaningful decisions out of them. Moreover, the analysis provide the basis for comprehensive Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) plans and for the long-term monitoring of water resources in a basin – against the pressures it faces and against the shared vision which basin management seeks to achieve.



Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

Based on the situational understanding and in close cooperation with Somali authorities and stakeholders, a data requirement analysis will be conducted as well as an analysis of current data collection, data management, and data analysis activities and abilities with regards to hydrological and hydrometeorological data for the Shabelle Basin. Considered topics included GIS, rainfall-runoff modelling, water resources planning, hydrological analysis techniques, and hydrometeorological data acquisition and data management.
Based on the results of the analysis, approaches addressing technical needs will be developed and data collection and capacity building schedules as well as training materials will be prepared. The training will be on-site, and it will include:
– GIS analysis and techniques for water resources applications
– Rainfall-runoff modelling using HEC-HMS
– Water resources planning using WEAP under changing environment and climate
– Hydrological analysis techniques for water resources assessments
– Assess and recommend an appropriate Hydrological Data Management System (HDMS) to be adopted for Shabelle river basin.

Name of client: GIZ
Start date
(month/year): 10/2021
Completion date (month/year): 09/2022