Technical Evaluation of Water Resilience and Disaster Early Warning Communication Measures in Marshall Islands

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Targeted and evidence-based evaluation in partnership with existing national, regional, and community stakeholders and systems to strengthen and support the existing drought response coordination mechanism led by the RMI Government (i.e. the Emergency Operation Centre / NDMO and the WASH cluster), regional agencies (SPC, SPREP and others), and international and bilateral agencies (IOM, UNICEF, OCHA, US Government, Japanese Government, etc). The objectives of the evaluation include an assessment of the socio-economic and technical effectiveness of existing water resilience measures (rainwater harvesting, underground tanks/cisterns, wells, solar water purifiers, portable/large-scale reverse osmosis units, etc), a summary of lessons learned and gaps & opportunities (technical, institutional, political, capacities, systems) as well as a proposal for an effective solution for water resilience interventions, technical specifications, costing and sustainability strategies.

Actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:
In-country stakeholder consultations, technical and financial evaluation, mapping and stocktaking of existing water resilience and outer island early warning systems, ownership types, status and quality of operations. Water security calculations (resources and demands, quality) of different islands/atolls in both drought and non-drought periods, assessment of status and systems of maintenance and operation. Mapping and stocktaking of existing disaster communication mechanisms and systems, operation frequency and system status. Assessment of economic cost of ongoing 2016 drought and social & environmental impacts. Gaps and needs analysis, summary of lessons learnt and proposed solutions, costing and cost benefit analysis. Sustainability strategies including capacity building, financial systems, and operations and maintenance including validation with stakeholders.

Name of client: UNDP
Start date (month/year): 04/2016
Completion date (month/year): 12/2016